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„Not Only Professional Development But Fun Also Will Be Guaranteed.” Interview with Noemi Szekely, Call Center Academy Host

New semester of Call Center Academy will start on 21st October. There will be several innovations, for example, the participation of Noemi Szekely, well-known call center professional who will co-host the Academy with Norbert Nogrady.

Interview with Noemi Szekely, Call Center Academy Host“I’ve been working as a customer servicer professional for over 20 years. I’ve been a member of directorial teams at different multinational companies where I’ve got lots of new tasks. As I like variety and I support continuous revival, I like to discover new challenges” she says. Call Center Academy is one of a kind. It also compensates the shortage of similar events in Eastern Europe. The importance of customer service sector is constantly growing, but, unfortunately, even big, profitable companies can’t save enough money to send their employees to international conferences. Not to mention small businesses that have absolutely no chance to get familiar with international trends that could help them to become unique on the market. “CCA program would like to fill the gap in Hungary. No wonder that its motto is ‘We would like to contribute in your success!’”

Ms Szekely hopes that lots of peers and customer-service-loving colleagues can increase their knowledge via the Academy. “I believe there will be excellent professional lectures and practical demonstrations where each participant can discuss the topic. My job will be to try to maintain interactivity” she says adding that she prepares with special questions to do so. Moreover, she agreed with Norbert Nogrady to start every event with speaking about their contrasting on the topic to make participants thinking even more. “If we can do it humorously, not only professional development but fun also will be guaranteed.”

As the Academy host, she would like to help building a community where “people not only learn but count on each other, if any of them has a question or problem regarding customer service”. Organizers would be happy to see that, too.

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