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New functions now available in VCC’s Mobile App

New functions now available in VCC's Mobile App

According to feedback from our clients, our Mobile App application, which has been available since December, makes field sales and customer management much easier to track. New features are constantly being added to the app, with our latest additions, including voice recording, form-filling and call disposition functions, continuing to support companies’ process management activities.

It is clear from the success of our Mobile App service that we are on the right track with our developments, focussing on full-scale optimisation rather than individual client functions on mobile devices.

Initial client feedback made it clear that a combination of non-call-centre-based sales and customer management functions, integrated into customer communications, was required. As such, the app was created specifically to support field representatives and door-to-door sales staff.

Our latest update makes it now possible to record incoming and outgoing calls and upload them automatically via a wi-fi or mobile connection. HTML-5 based form filling, another new feature, was developed as a tailor-made service, and is ideal for field representatives and door-to-door sales staff. Script editing will soon be available to every subscriber, and will no longer demand coding knowledge from the user.

The app also now comes with a call disposition function, which allows users to categorise each business conversation according to their own requirements. They can also assign the appropriate subsequent steps to calls.

The latest version of the app is available now in the Google Play store.

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