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Near future is on time. MSI and other improvements at VCC “dream system”

Efficiency and time-saving are crucial in business. That was the reason for developing Virtual Call Center’s new MSI installer. Gabor Feher, Head of Software Development, talked about the small steps of the way to VCC “dream system”.

“Our MSI installer is a new installation mode in Windows. It’s a helping solution for clients who use Active Directory as they can install VCC client program simultaneously. No need to install it separately to each computer” says Gabor.

Of course, MSI is only one of VCC tools for serving clients’ needs. It saves time. “Efficiency, continuous optimization and creativity got me seven years ago in VCC” says the lawyer turned customer service representative and tester. He was the one who established VCC agile developing system. “It was a challenge and it opened doors that I’ve never dreamt of as a lawyer. Our team is also getting better and better, so now I’m not willing to go back to my lawyer times.”

He’s rather occupied with building VCC “dream system” which gives testers the chance to work on what they do the best, “creatively make quality softwares”. There are no time-wasting and unnecessary tasks, only automatism and administration on a minimal level. “We’re on the right track but a long way to go to reach perfection. However, it’s getting more and more exciting with each day.”

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