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Make Your Work Colourful with Virtual Call Center

Call center agents need to bear monotony. But with Virtual Call Center’s different skins, there is a chance to help them.

According to World Health Organization studies avoiding monotony are one of the key factors in occupational health. Stress at workplace can be easily caused by monotony, and stress eventually can lead to cardiovascular and stomach deceases, depression or allergy. That’s why workplaces try to minimize stress. However, in the call center world, it’s difficult to do so. Fortunately, the skins of Virtual Call Center are giving a chance to make easier monotone working process.

Make Your Work Colourful with Virtual Call Center“A lot of call center activities means monotone work, especially for agents,” says Elemer Erdosi key account manager. “In the case of outbound calls, campaigns can change but the script remains the same, resulting a periodical talk with customers. VCC can help to put agents off that track as they are able to gear the framework of VCC client program to their current feeling and mood.”

VCC always wants to put their clients’ need to the driving seat, so it tries to support tailor-made functions as much as possible. Skins are one of the given functions. They let users get closer to their everyday work equipment.

Currently, five skins are available. VCC cloud design is the default skin and it’s the most beloved one, as well. Almost one-third of clients, who don’t have to work with special company skins, use it. However, the funny, fresh Green frog is a big competitor at spring and summertime. 21 percent of users like it the most, especially because it seasonally changes accessorize. A sunglass is good helpful at shiny summers, but a hat is much needed during the winter. Ladies favourite, purple flower gets second place with 22 percent. Usually, they set it up just after the first log in and love it so much that they don’t use the possibility of anytime changing. IT-minded supervisors and administrators use simple black skin called Conservative (18 percent). Car is the last one with only 8 percent. Young operators and supervisors choose it typically at the time of getting their first car.

VIP clients of VCC can request tailor-made skins to assist brand building. For example, UPC, Invitel or Comforce has already increased their brand connections with a custom-made, logo designed skin. Companies without a tailor-made skin, usually use the skin first which has the closest colour to their brand. Later they tend to let agents choose among skins for making their workplace more employee-friendly, which after all leads to fluctuation decreasing.

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