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Interviewing Balazs Vendler, the Hungarian Pioneer of Gamification

After Noemi Szekely, a new lecturer of Call Center Academy introduces his topic, the quite new phenomenon of gamification.

Balazs Vendler has been dealing with the topic of supporting business processes with gaming tools for eight years. He’s the founder of Games for Business which used gamification in prestigious companies like PwC Hungary, IT Services Hungary Aegon Insurance Group and Fornetti.

Balazs Vendler, the Hungarian Pioneer of Gamification“When gamification first appeared in Hungary, I started everything with finding all the experts” he says. “My company was able to develop thanks to the chats with them. Professional debates, getting ideas and knowing experiences in practice are what we have to collect to build a successful business and events like Call Center Academy are the place for it.” Not to mention, that similar events helps to get to know the constantly developing and changing market. Vendler says that it’s a challenge to find and work up the newest professional directions.

Fortunately, gamification has been in the air for years internationally. According to PwC’s Digital IQ survey, it’s one of the ten most important digital trends. However, there are still some who don’t know what the concept really means. It’s about how to use different gaming elements and mechanisms outside gaming world. Some say it’s the reformer of user experience and digital education while others see it only as hype.

“Lots of researches say there will be a big increase and its use in HR is also growing. Successful international projects proved that it were the best way to speak to the young employees, but it works well with older generations, as well” says Mr Vendler, adding that there are some companies in Hungary which see the solution for their organizational problems in gamification. However, only a few companies have enough experience.

He would like to introduce gamification to the participants of Call Center Academy. “Today it’s very important in the business sector, education and marketing, and it has great practices to reform call centers. I will show in my lecture the basic concept of gamification and the most interesting national and international projects.”

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