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Hungarian Law Guarantees Only Five Minutes

Waiting for human customer service operators are just annoying and nerve-racking. Unfortunately, customers are usually left waiting by poor waiting time standards throughout Europe. Last year, Hungarian government set up the standard of five minutes.

Hungarian Law Guarantees Only Five Minutes | VCC Blog

Lots of companies struggled with establishing the correct system to execute law orders. Virtual Call Center software can help to build the smart system. “There’s no chance to follow the five minutes rule, if you have only one or two operators’ says Elemer Erdosi, key account manager. ‘But with VCC you can easily configure possibilities for your clients.’

VCC also helps to find out the optimal number of operators based on the number of calls, average calling time and daily call distribution. Waiting time for every client can also be easily set up, and if it expires, new options can come up, such as voicemail and call-back functions.

Of course, higher amount of calls requires more operators, but customer service can be efficiently improved with VCC functions.