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How to Survive Peak Times at Call Centers?

Life at call centers not always a piece of cake. Sometimes operators must deal with an extreme amount of calls when other times silence can be tricky to bear. Let’s see some tips to survive peak times.

Prepare and Make an Action Plan

High volumes of call can be forecasted which help in preparing. As for incoming calls, it’s almost certain that clients call in the morning, during their lunch break or at the early evening. In the case of call centers dealing with outgoing calls, they have to manage calls depending on the amount of projects. So supervisors can prepare operators, for them the most important thing is not to be astonished as it bans their good time management skills.

Make Statistics

Real-time statistics help distributing calls. For example in Virtual Call Center system time management of operators become simpler as all data is visible and traceable immediately and statistics can be seen anytime.

Up with Automatisation

Automatisation always makes operators’ work more stress-free. That’s why it’s crucial to have user friendly program that saves time. No wonder, VCC software is optimized for user needs to let operators simply work and not occupy them with learning the system. As for call centers that handle outgoing calls, VCC developed its predictive dialer to ensure efficient time consumption. Operators spend around 40 minutes/hours in calls with its predictive dialer and the whole process is absolutely planned.

In a nutshell, peak times don’t have to throw your call center into chaos. They can be prepared for with common sense, forecasting and a great system to handle even extreme amount of calls.

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