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Do you know Joseph? He’s Virtual Call Center’s supervisor mascot at our internet ad. He started his life in Hungarian but now he can speak English, as well.

Finding your voice - Virtual Call Center Solution | VCC BlogDubbing is fun and challanging. It needs your highest skills to act just like the character on the screen only with your voice, and without any other acting tools. It’s even more difficult when you are not an actual actor. Oliver Mayne is VCC’s language expert from 9 to 5, but he gave his voice to Joseph last week. Oli said that it was a new and interesting experience.

Of course, post-productions is still going. Music, cutting and editing will make Joseph’s story perfect. It’s about today’s call center business problems, and it searches for answers. VCC cloud based solution is one of a kind. And how Joseph gets to know VCC, our current and future clients can also find the most important advantages. We had great experiences with the Hungarian version, and for international expansion it was crucial for Joseph to find his English voice. He’s interested in today’s overall call center world problems, so the answers he finds on lowering costs, data security and efficiency can be useful to anyone without borders.
As we wait for the English version, please watch the video in Hungarian to have a contrasting base. Tell us your opinion when the new version is ready!

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