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June 15, 2017
June 15, 2017
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At VCC Live we believe in personal contact. This is why we love meeting our clients and discussing their needs in person. And if that means going to East Africa, then that is what we will do.

For a number of years we have been providing a contact centre solution for an international European bank’s debt collection division. After having successfully expanded and standardised these debt collection processes in over 20 countries, in January 2016 the bank asked us to support a further expansion of this service – this time into Kenya, Africa. Within a short period of time we were ready to execute a pilot project, however the client subsequently decided to put the initiative on hold. But, as the saying goes, when one door closes, another one opens, and even though this project had not come to fruition, it opened our eyes to the huge opportunities in the continent. And so we began our journey into Africa: one year on, let’s see how things have developed.

VCC Live – live in Africa

In the last twelve months we have invested a lot of energy into bringing our cloud-based contact centre software and services to the region, with great success. Our first projects in Kenya and Uganda were established in April 2016, and went live in June of the same year. This exciting new chapter in the history and growth of VCC Live has continued, as we have started to build on these successes in the region by focussing on building a network of relevant distributors and retailers. We have built new connections and received recognition from local companies and clients who appreciate the benefits of cloud-based contact centres, and are delighted to report that we now have a strong presence in Kenya and Uganda.

At the end of May this year, two members of our team, Gábor Kocsis (Business Development and Sales Partner), and Magdalena Mielniczek (Customer Development Manager) visited Kenya and Uganda to hold a workshop, meeting managers and representatives of more than 25 local and international companies. At the workshop, Gábor and Magdalena facilitated a Proof of Concept session, showing how VCC Live’s contact centre solution can transform and make their business operations model even more efficient and successful. They were joined by one of our local partners from SimbaNET, who helped answer the many questions attendees had, and provide background information regarding connectivity and coverage.

VCC Live workshop in Africa

Conversation and interaction

This workshop session, as well as presenting VCC Live’s capabilities, was also interactive, allowing participants to think about their own business needs and how they could take advantage of the possibilities VCC Live’s software and services offer. The interactive content was divided into three parts, and focussed on the three most important aspects of business operations: doing business, employees, and technology. Participants were encouraged to create plans and think about how VCC Live could make a difference to them and transform the way they work.

The workshop provided a lot of food for thought and generated many discussions. Every client had different needs and requirements, and it was of the utmost importance to them that they could discuss them in person. As a result of this workshop, we are delighted to have started working on some new pilot projects and also finalised some of the pilots we have been working on in the last few months. Regardless of whether these projects are still in a pilot stage or are already finalised contracts, we are preparing to visit our clients in Kenya and Uganda again very soon.

We strongly believe in the effectiveness our workshops provide for such discussions. Come and attend our next session, and see for yourself.

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