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European Cloud Comes to Budapest

Virtual Call Center attended EuroCloud Day 2014 as a sponsor.

EEuropean Cloud Comes to Budapest - EuroCloud Day 2014 | VCC BloguroCloud Day is one of the most important cloud computing exhibition and conference in Central Europe. The goal of its organizers to make Budapest, Hungary is the capital of European cloud technology. And with EuroCloud Day, they would like to enable startups and companies to find opportunities and support.

This year the conference wasn’t only about the new inventions of cloud technology but it showed how cloud can develop economy, as well. So presentations were about four topics such as cloud technology in small and medium-size companies; the state’s role; Budapest as the capital of European cloud; and cloud technology as the engine of disruptive processes in world economy.

Elemer Erdosi, VCC key account manager also talked about the internationality of cloud-based technologies. He added one of VCC’s international partners, Ferratum Group as an example. It tests in 19 countries VCC solution (in some cases it’s already in use). Countires include European spots and overseas countries, like New Zealand and Singapure. VCC makes Ferratum’s transborder and transcontinental, business centraling porcesses easier. Representatives of cloud-based technology companies and the technology savvy audience were interested in the success story about the cooperation of VCC and Ferratum.

The visitors’ number in person could be around 120-130 but many live streamers could follow the conference online. They all had a chance to get a glimpse on changes made by cloud technology in the service sector and on companies that participate in the cloud development.

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