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Meet your VCC Live team at the XIII. Statewide Contact Center Conference in Sümeg, Hungary.

Great results are achieved when the biggest and most creative minds in any field gather together to exchange experience and inspiration. This is one of the main motivators behind the XIII. Statewide Contact Center Conference organised in Sümeg, Hungary between the 24th and 26th of May. Organised for the 13th time, this conference gives home to the biggest names in the field of customer care and contact center services, and grants the opportunity to exchange experience and showcase the latest trends in the business. As usual, the focus falls on innovation and the future of contact center solutions. VCC Live is looking forward to actively participating in this year’s conference not only as Diamond-Level Supporters together with OTP Mobil, but also with two presentations about our newest developments and innovative solutions.

In this year’s event VCC Live will hit the stage twice. Make sure you don’t miss Szabolcs Tóth’s presentation about the possibilities presented by VCC Live Pay, based on a case study on debt handling, and our joint presentation together with dr. Gáber Al-Absi Seif, representing SimplePay, about the holistic combination of contact-center and payment solutions. Stay tuned for further updates about our participation in this year’s conference and the topics we have prepared for you!

For further information about the XIII. Statewide Contact Center Conference and our participation visit the following webpage (or follow us on any of our social channels):

We look forward to seeing you in Sümeg!

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