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Click (to Call) with customers

Once upon a time there was Skype Click to Call which was shut down in December 2013. Fortunately, Virtual Call Center launched its new Click to Call project at the very same time, so people don’t have to dispense with their favourite solution.

Of course, VCC software differs from what Skype offered but it’s a perfect solution for companies which don’t want to spend immense amount of money on software development. Its target is to make any computer able to start a call via VCC client program with only one click.

‘The system is very simple’ says Peter Malhai, Head of Customer Service at Virtual Call Center. ‘You only have to make simple http URL from phone numbers on your RP or CRM websites, and then your clients will be only one click away.’

In a nutshell, VCC system provides a time and energy-saving as well as efficient solution for customer service calls whereas competitors can only offer something similar with time-consuming integration and at expensive costs.