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Celebrating Our Net(Work)

Last weekend was all about ICT celebrating the World Telecommunication Day and World Internet Day. No doubt, our life in the 21st century would look very different without the two technology achievements.

Celebrating Our Net(Work) - World Telecommunication Day | World Internet Day

Wold Telecommunication Day is dated back to 1968 while Wold Internet Day is only 12 years old. We, at Virtual Call Center, gladly celebrate both as our solution cannot exist without them. But thanks to Alexander Graham Bell, Tivadar Puskas, developments in the American armaments industry in the 20th century and many more since then, today we can provide a perfect, cloud based call center technology to all of our clients.

A more flexible time management and a new division of labour are in formation due to the ICT revolution. The cloud based technology also provides worldwide connections and reduces costs. No wonder, Virtual Call Center celebrates gladly World Telecommunication Day and World Internet Day as we take advantage of both achievements.