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Business calls are now more transparent

VCC Mobile App makes it easier to see every scheduled business call

Business calls are now more transparent | VCC Mobile App


The most valuable contacts between companies are always personal. Business calls and susbsequent follow-ups can already be done effectively using call centre technology, however, the development team at VCC has been working to create an app which can handle any company’s entire corporate relationship management system. The result? VCC Mobile App.

Our first mobile app is much more than just a smart phone version of the VCC client solution. Since call centres and help desks are themselves part of a wider corporate strategy, the app’s most significant benefit for companies is to place all business contact calls in one system, where they can be handled in a coordinated way. With VCC Mobile App it is easy to find out which colleague should be contacting which client when, and what the result of the call is.

This application, although of particular use to sales, help desks and technical support, will be invaluable to any company where client communication and continual contact with business partners is crucial.

VCC Mobile App does not only organise call data into an easily manageable format, but also treats business and private calls separately, with private calls remaining unstored on both the app and on any server. Another security-enhancing data protection feature is that client data stored on the central VCC server is not accessible through the application, with synchronization being only available for links saved on a specified mobile phone.

Business call data (CDR – Call Detail Records) is transferred to VCC’s servers through encrypted data links. VCC Mobile App users can filter and export these call details from the database, and and use them as required, for example to make business call cost calculations. And, based on VCC’s call centre operator interface, calls can also be scheduled. In this way callbacks are easy to oversee since the system creates a list of planned calls and the times they are scheduled. When a reminder is displayed, the call can easily be initiated from the user interface.

VCC Mobile App also supports offline operation, enabling users to access up-to-date data without ongoing internet access. Once purchased, VCC Mobile App can be used with any of our packages. Licences are valid for single mobile phones, allowing costs to be tailored to the size of the company.

VCC Mobile App is available NOW in the Google Play Store.

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