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The Best 2in1: IT and Telco at Virtual Call Center

Overlaps between IT and Telco sectors have been in the air since some years. Virtual Call Center is always happy to lead trends. It offers not only software development but Telco services for almost ten years.

A few years ago even Gartner warned telecommunications companies not to acquire IT business profile companies. Today, it’s an international practice mainly thanks to cloud technology. Plus, market trends also encouraging cooperation. It wasn’t an easy path as service providers needed to realize how different IT and Telco processes and business culture are. IT is human resources based business whereas Telco is all about infrastructure. IT processes are project-based, and Telco solutions are solution based. Profitability is also viewed differently.

Virtual Call Center has sold IT and Telco solutions for almost ten years, much before international trends acknowledged it. Today, it would like to strengthen Telco solutions with its new carrier manager, Attila Szucs.

“The biggest challenge in this profession is to see every angle. I need to know price policy, VCC solution, development plans, relevant laws and business partners. I can only find the optimal connecting points if I know the full production chain, its performers and processes” he says.
According to him, IT and Telco offered together by Virtual Call Center is a great solution and a unique opportunity to work with exceptional contracts that assure big service providers have to give their service in the best quailtily. So Virtual Call Center can offer the best quality at the best price. “We can offer not only almost 100 percent SLA but a lot of small gestures, as well. For example, our customer service manages complaints almost instantly and it’s absolutely unique.”


So offering IT and Telco services together isn’t a new invention, although there are still ways to go for some service providers. Fortunately, Virtual Call Center isn’t one of them.

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