API integration with Virtual Call Center

February 20, 2015
February 20, 2015
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Virtual Call Center’s solution makes possible for partners to integrate their systems with Virtual Call Center software for an efficient performance. For a smooth connection, Developer’s page was created, as a support page for developers with sample codes and documentation. It’s first public version contains developer documentation for VCC Database API and VCC Callback API.

Simple menu structure - API integration with VCC

Database connection is the most widespread use of this integration. Customers can download data from VCC’s database for further use and to modify system settings. Database API section contains the relevant developer documentation. To increase efficiency VCC Webhook helps synchronise back Virtual Call Center data with customer data. Developer documentation contains a detailed description of Callback API’s functions, and also a simple sample code, which helps achieve integration.

Examples and descriptions -  API integration with VCC

Another form of communication with VCC is IVR API. The api helps manage inbound calls in the IVR – deal with authentication and generate reports – through customer’s database. Specific needs are met with Javascript codes, and developers can get help from Script SDK. Documentation regarding these two latter functionalities will be available shortly on Developer’s page.

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