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5 Reasons to Choose Cloud-Based Call Centers

No question that IT cloud systems are the future. It’s also well-known that virtual call centers are heavyweight competitors of premise-based ones. So why should you move your call center to the cloud? Let’s take a look of the top 5 reasons.

1.  Interoperability among applications

One of the most important characteristics of cloud applications, including cloud-based call centers, is that they can be easily integrated with other systems. 95 percent of cloud apps have an API that allows use extensions and plugins. Moreover, cloud apps need to be open and customizable to stay competitive as it’s the 21st century users’ expectation.

5 Reasons to Choose Cloud-Based Call Centers | VCC BlogThat’s why Virtual Call Center made its solution easily interoperable with any CRM or ERP. Continuous connection between CRM and VCC helps to the other departments to get real-time information about operation of the given call center and its clients.

2.  Flexibility

Today, you can find high-speed internet almost everywhere. Such advantage must be used by every company as it gives them a chance to employ anybody, anywhere, all around the world. For call centers, it means one hand that they don’t have pay more for agents working in night shifts. On the other hand, they can employ the best experts of any fields, regardless their geographic state.

As for agents, they want flexibility at their workplace and not an office locked-up from 9 AM to 5 PM. According to GetVoip’s last year study 53 percent of American tech employees would accept 7.9 percent pay cut if they could work from home. Or just take a look at Yahoo that so drastically restricted telecommuting that lots of employees chose to quit.

In call center business, you need to break monotony. And flexibility is a great tool. It makes better working environment which leads to lower turnover. VCC provides several services to make work comfortable and agents’ work just efficient as it’s in the case of in-house call centers.

3. Safety and security

Economists say if a company cannot adapt to cloud technology, it risks its survival. Why? The answer is really simple. Protection of personal data is crucial today. And any company that stores personal data on employees’ devices put clients’ data in danger. Premise-based call centers solve the problem with their own data centers, causing high-costs to the company.

Cloud-based call centers are in a much easier state as the store their clients’ data in a central, hermetically closed, safe and secure data park. As for VCC, this data park is T-Systems Dataplex center which has high service level and ISO 27001 technical security certificate.

Another benefit of cloud is the protection against localized catastrophes. Traditional call centers can be shut down by an everyday, local blackout or a phone/power cable cut, not to mention unfortunate weather phenomena. On the contrary, agents of a cloud-based call center can easily take over any coworkers’ job, who’s prevented from working, as they are based sporadically in the country or even the world. Plus, they can find clients’ data in the cloud.

4. Scalability

If you establish a traditional call center, you need to decide how many agents will use your call center device. And it really matters that you want to have five, 20, 50 or 100 agents as the call center will cost proportionately more. However, cloud-based call centers are flexible and customizable. So it’s not a problem, if five agents work at one minute and 80 in the next one. Cost of the system is always equivalent to the amount of working agents. So you don’t need to plan everything, there’s no unnecessary costs either. At VCC, you can even change your settings of the amount of agents monthly, so the whole system adjusts to your needs.

5. Continuous updating

Companies usually spend days for a whole system updating. That’s why they do it rarely but giving employees bigger updated packages. They generally try to do it during the big summer holiday or in night-shifts. However, people who work during the summer are still set back due to the update. Plus, the bigger package contains more possible error. If a company goes for night updating, it costs them even more. So employees and executives are also try to minimize updating periods.

Companies that use SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) are free from the given problem as all responsibility regarding updating is on the software company. It’s a time-saving solution. Thanks to automatic testing and controlled release containing several steps, SaaS updates don’t affect everyday work.

VCC updates its system continuously, and its solution can be reached without blackout time. Releases are made in every two weeks or upon special client needs. All updates are accessible for every client free of charge, regardless which package they use.

Benefits of cloud applications and cloud-based call centers are obvious. And the change is even easier than you think. So why do you wait?

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