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Save the date! VCC Live hits the stage at Sümeg

Posted on: May 23rd, 2017 by viktorvarga No Comments

We are just a couple of days away from the 13th Statewide Contact Center Conference in Sümeg, and we’re all set up and ready to go!

It seems like only yesterday that we announced we will be participating at this year’s Statewide Contact Center Conference in Sümeg. Since then, it’s been a week of productive and hectic preparation in our offices, and we can’t wait to meet you in person and talk about the latest innovations we have for you! As Diamond-Level Supporters (together with OTP Mobil), we have put together several enticing materials we are more than ready to share.

Make sure to drop by for our first presentation on Wednesday, May 24th, when our Managing Director, Szabolcs Tóth, will tell you all you need to know about debt handling over the phone using instant payments via bank cards. Szabolcs will be on stage from 16:10 to 16:20, guiding you through the world of debt collection. He will show you how companies and service providers can transform debt collection from a cumbersome task into an easy and efficient five-minute phone conversation.

But there’s more! You can meet Szabolcs again, this time together with Dr. Gáber Seif Al-Absi, Head of Business Development and Sales Deputy CEO at OTP Mobil, when the two of them share their views on the holistic combination of contact center and payment solutions. They will be holding their presentation on 26th May between 11.00 and 11.15, illustrating, with real-life examples, how this blend of solutions can be used, and what the results they bring to the innovators who implement them in their everyday business are.

We are ready and on our way to Sümeg, and we hope you are too! Look forward to seeing you there!

Contact-center solutions and innovation in the spotlight

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Meet your VCC Live team at the XIII. Statewide Contact Center Conference in Sümeg, Hungary.

Great results are achieved when the biggest and most creative minds in any field gather together to exchange experience and inspiration. This is one of the main motivators behind the XIII. Statewide Contact Center Conference organised in Sümeg, Hungary between the 24th and 26th of May. Organised for the 13th time, this conference gives home to the biggest names in the field of customer care and contact center services, and grants the opportunity to exchange experience and showcase the latest trends in the business. As usual, the focus falls on innovation and the future of contact center solutions. VCC Live is looking forward to actively participating in this year’s conference not only as Diamond-Level Supporters together with OTP Mobil, but also with two presentations about our newest developments and innovative solutions.

In this year’s event VCC Live will hit the stage twice. Make sure you don’t miss Szabolcs Tóth’s presentation about the possibilities presented by VCC Live Pay, based on a case study on debt handling, and our joint presentation together with dr. Gáber Al-Absi Seif, representing SimplePay, about the holistic combination of contact-center and payment solutions. Stay tuned for further updates about our participation in this year’s conference and the topics we have prepared for you!

For further information about the XIII. Statewide Contact Center Conference and our participation visit the following webpage (or follow us on any of our social channels):

We look forward to seeing you in Sümeg!

Latest VCC Live Client Update Brings Under-the-hood Improvements

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The latest VCC Live client update includes under-the-hood improvements: faster client startup times, less data traffic and less time spent tweaking your firewall settings.

At VCC Live we’re committed to bringing you unparalleled services and features in our software package. That’s why we regularly release under-the-hood updates, including speed and reliability improvements that are often not visible to our users. Our latest update introduces the OCSP (Online Certificate Status Protocol) stapling method for checking certificate validity in the VCC Live client, bringing noticeable improvements to performance levels.

The VCC Live client uses cryptographic protocols -in this case TLS 1.2 (Transport Layer Security) – to establish a secure connection and communication over a computer network. Protocols use x.509 certificates, which must be valid at the time of use. Certificates contain a public key as well as an identity that is signed by a certificate authority. When certificates are signed, a service that utilises the certificate’s public key can establish a secure connection.

A certificate authority may refuse to sign a certificate for various reasons, such as evidence of a security breach attack or possible information leakage. Therefore, the VCC Live client is required to request a certificate validation from the certificate authority’s OCSP server ( at each start up.

There are a number of ways to determine if a certificate is valid. The simplest (although not 100% reliable) method is to check the certificate’s validity date. Alternatively, the owner of the certificate can inform the certificate authority if the certificate is no longer valid.  Certificate authorities can also confirm the validation status of a certificate via the OCSP protocol. Or, as certificates have an expiry date, validity can be revoked using protocols. Once the validation request has been responded to, the VCC Live client can tell if the certificate is valid or invalid.

In VCC Live’s case, TLS protocol supports an approach in which the VCC server itself can provide validation information to the client, in a way that OCSP details remain unchanged and valid. OCSP stapling uses this method.

By working in this way, the VCC Live client doesn’t get overloaded while handling validation requests. The client can start up more quickly and generate less data traffic. Using the OCSP stapling method also eliminates the need for firewall rules for opening and forwarding IPs/ports to the OCSP server (which was previously required), thus making setting up the VCL environment even simpler. This firewall rule can be revoked by the system administrator.