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A more transparent way to manage audio files

Posted on: January 26th, 2017 by viktorvarga No Comments

For call centres, it is an important legal question to find the right way to manage audio files and data produced, in connection with the calls and to decide about their storage warranties. Thanks to our new application, not only storing, but archiving audio files will also be much easier and safer.

During the development phase of our new solution we have revisited the complete storage and archiving system of audio files. Although, the regulations are different in each branch of the industry, our users are bound by the Data Protection Act and the Consumer Protection Act to record certain conversations, to store them in a safe way and to make them searchable; making also sure to perform their permanent deletion periodically. It is advised to save audio files in a transparent system not only because of the compliance required with legal requirements but also for the purposes of quality assurance.

Audio file management is a substantial part of our service, but in order to ensure a better manageability the other steps of the procedure have also been renewed. As one of the most important changes, our previous downloading software will be replaced by a new archiving solution. This version, that must be adopted by our customers no later than 31 March 2017, is capable of archiving not only operator-owned audio files, but mobile ones as well. After the download, the new software uses the API key of the Database that is well known from the VCC Live system. Taking into account that it is required to preserve certain complete audio files, in order to ensure safe archiving, the digital imprint (MD5 checksum) of all downloaded audio files are controlled bit by bit.

The application has been written in GO language by our developers; the programming code (with the corresponding API sources) will be published soon. This is an exciting experiment for us, given that this is our first “open” development which can serve as a reference for those that are considering to write an own archiving software, answering a specific need.

Regarding audio files, we have prepared another important modification: we have modified the settings of automatic deletion, overriding the rules of our previous hosting service. For the time being, our customers can get to know the Beta version of the new solution which, according to our plans, will bring transparency to the set of the audio files that are archived, placed into the bin and deleted permanently.

The interface of the Call Centre Settings can be used to define the number of months for the audio files after which they need to be placed into the bin and then deleted permanently from the date of their creation. It is also possible to configure, if only the already surely archived audio files shall be deleted by the system, regardless of the general deletion deadlines that have been defined. It is important to note that the audio files placed into the bin can no longer be accessed, they will not be listed in any reports, therefore they cannot disturb the work and the assessment activities at the call centre. Nevertheless, they can be restored if needed.

In connection with the new development, the storage conditions of the audio files will be modified. Instead of the 30-day limit for free storage, 10 GB free storage will be provided in all packages. Besides the audio files, e-mails and their attachments will also be included in this limit. Regarding storage size, information will be provided in the status bar of the client software.