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20% Increase in Efficiency with VCC at the Very 1st Week

Efficiency in business is crucial. And an outstanding result worth every penny. Virtual Call Center is proud its solution’s achievement to be able to increase 20 percent efficiency at the first week of use.

20% Increase in Efficiency with VCC at the Very 1st WeekOf course, it’s only an average number which has several components. First is its predictive dialer. If you already have a one, VCC’s predictive dialer can give you 2-10 percent increase in talking time (the time that agents spend in calls) per hour. If you have a manual dialer or predialer, your increase can be 30-40 percent.

Another important component is the efficient structure of scripts. VCC pays attention to making agents be able to manage calls with the least amount of clicks and time. They can enjoy VCC system automatizations to minimize wrap-time. Moreover, demand for wrap-time can decrease in projects as agents are guided when ask for clients’ data. The system monitors the correctness of email addresses and the ID forms. The given process gives you 5-10 percent increase in efficiency.

And if you make an average you can get our 20 percent. By the way, the number was counted on the average of VCC new clients’ experience. They all started to cooperate with VCC this year, some of them are still in the PILOT Period.  According to VCC more experienced clients, when the system runs fully and routinely used, the efficiency increase can be as high as 30 percent from the 2nd month.