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Péter Málhai

Péter Málhai

Head of Customer Acquisition and Retention

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As Head of Business Development, Péter Málhai is responsible for the coordination of front-end company departments, and is also actively involved in strategic decision-making and directing marketing, sales and customer care activities.

Prior to joining VCC Live®, Péter worked in call-centre management, overseeing and leading projects and support teams dedicated to a number of clients’ projects. He also gained significant experience in sales leadership, coordination and sales management activities. Since joining VCC Live® in 2008, he has been performing key operational tasks and participating actively in strategic plan development, account management, and sales activities.

Péter believes the power of personal communication is of the utmost importance. He puts client needs first, and always works towards win-win situations, considering the success of a client project a success for VCC Live® as well. He holds a Commercial and Marketing Manager degree from Szent István University, Budapest, Hungary.