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Dr. Gábor Fehér

Dr. Gábor Fehér

Head of Development

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Dr. Gábor Fehér is the Head of Development at VCC Live®. His responsibilities include operational management of the development, operations and testing teams, as well as project and release management.

Gábor started his professional career as a technical support team member at VCC Live®, shortly after graduating from university in 2007. After having been appointed Development Manager, he became Head of Development in 2011. As an advocate of continual professional development, he has successfully completed a number of professional courses, including Project Management, Agile Project Management and Data Protection. He also introduced the concepts of agile methodology to VCC Live® that are used in the company’s operational and strategic planning processes.

Gábor holds a doctoral degree in law from the Péter Pázmány Catholic University, Hungary. He believes in the value of people, team work, constant growth and development. He considers providing the ideal environment for creativity to flourish to be one of his main aims as a manager.